I Thought I Would Be ________ By Now


Photo Credit: Chris Lui-Beers

So last year, I attempted (and failed) to complete The Single Woman 30 day blog challenge. I actually do plan to finish it, but at my own pace.Β  I honestly can’t see myself writing only about being single for a whole month. There are so many more dimensions to my life than my relationship status.πŸ™‚

I’m picking up at Day 7: Where You Are in Your Life vs. Where You Thought You Would Be. This topic resonates so much with me because the life that I had envisioned and my life now and not even close to the same.

If at 16, you had asked me where I saw my life 32, I would probably sound something like this:

I would have a fabulous career as a journalist/author who travels the world covering the most interesting news stories. I would have written a couple of books, published in a couple of magazines, maybe a couple of awards under my belt. I would have amazing jet setting friends who I vacationed with every year. Somewhere in the midst of my exciting career, I would have a handsome boyfriend to come home to and maybe a dog.

Boyfriend. Not husband. I don’t do long-term commitments. Kids? I am #3 of 5 siblings. I can do without kids for a while.

At 32, I can guarantee you my life is nowhere near as fabulous as I thought it would be at 16. My imagination then had the sky as the limits, yet as life began to happen, an invisible cap started to make it harder to reach the sky.

I do not have the fabulous journalist career. Vacations? What’s that? Published author? Does the occasional blog count? Jet setting friends and handsome boyfriend?

You get the picture.

For a long time, I looked at my life and where I thought it was supposed to be and I felt like the sun had gone down on a lot of those dreams. My mapped out plan never really took flight because by 17, I wasΒ  teenage mother so my decisions going forward were drastically altered. Even though I am not where I thought I would be at 32, I am right where I need to be. It is right where God planned it to be. Though I took many personal detours, I am right where I need to be, healed, loved and firmly rooted in my Savior. I let the sun set on my dreams because of circumstance but God did not. He just has them packaged differently. His plans for me FAR exceed any 5 or 10 year plan I had mapped out for myself.

Though certain aspects of my life haven’t fallen into place like getting married and having a couple of books written, I love that I trust in God enough to know that those things will happen. When? Who knows. He doesn’t give me a glimpse of His time-table. So instead of me fixating on where I thought I would be by a certain time, I am enjoying the place where I am standing now.

3 thoughts on “I Thought I Would Be ________ By Now

  1. I can relate. My life didn’t quite shape up like my childhood self imagined. But the more time passes, the more I realize how much BETTER it is. God’s plans far outshine my own!

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